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Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one of the most genuine and informative investors in the world of picking businesses and capital management. One of the biggest stocks in the SP-500 is Berkshire Hathaway which are trading under BRK.A, BRK.B. Both gives you ownership of the company as a shareholder, but at different price points suited for differentContinue reading “Warren Buffet”

Starting from Zero… the basics

Investing is a common theme in many peoples lives there are many types of investments whether it be real estate, stocks, bonds, ETFs, or into yourself applying different mental models, staying consistent, or constantly trying to learn. You can invest to grow your capital, develop a process, and gain true inner happiness starting your ownContinue reading “Starting from Zero… the basics”

How to allocate and diversify

In this Zero to Hero post, the main area of focus will be on how too manage your portfolio and the depths of diversification. While being in the market you want too understand your positions and have exposure too different derivatives. Having funds in the market is a great way too compound your money andContinue reading “How to allocate and diversify”

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